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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our Story

Creating Total Football Academy NB is something I am extremely passionate about. 


In The Netherlands where I was raised, "Total Football" is a philosophy that the Dutch live by, meaning that  ‘any player can take over the role of any other player in the  team’, which is why I consider ‘simple is better’ and why this will be the main focus of the Academy.


It is not about who has the best skills, it's about understanding the game enough to 'play it simple' and make the right choice. 

Meet The Team

Growing up in The Netherlands, a Football obsessed country, I quickly learned that without hard work and commitment, you would never achieve or improve at any level in the sport. 

I have always been passionate about Football, valued hard work and pushed myself to my limits which resulted in me playing representative football for the KNVB. 


I have been playing for Marlin Coast Rangers FC for the past 8 years and currently feature in the first team. However,  I firmly believe that I have more to give back to the younger generations coming through and have discovered an additional passion for the sport through coaching.  


This is the reason for me establishing Total Football Academy NB, to give back through teaching the meaning and value of "simple is better” and by passing on the knowledge and skills I have attained throughout my own football career.

Born and raised in Cairns, Cody is our dedicated strength and conditioning coach. He lived and studied in Brisbane 2015 - 2021 completing Sports Psychology at the University of Queensland.

Cody loves working with the kids to help them build strength and resilience.


Cody is a qualified Fitness Trainer who played Football at representative level and also represented Australia for Futsul. Cody has played Football in both Cairns and also Brisbane.  Cody attended St Augustine's College a is a member of the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers.


Mentorship, strength & individual training that was needed for our son to take his game to the next level

Parent, Total Football Academy

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