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2024 Football Academy Registrations 


Total Football Academy

Join us on the Northern Beaches Cairns, for an innovative approach to football development. We are extremely passionate about being active, healthy and encouraging the proper techniques.


Each player will be given the individual guidance they need to reach their potential.  Our programs allow players to constantly practice and use repetition as a development tool to aid their technical level and then test it in an opposed situation. Taking these skills back to their club environment should see marked improvement to their whole game.

Soccer Cairns

What sets us apart?

For young footballers that are ready to take the game to the next level total football Academy is the perfect choice.


We provide a competitive environment for players to develop their skills and progress from skill based training to elite level football.  learning how to perform at their best under pressure we also place a strong emphasis on providing each footballer to progress at their own pace and the ability to succeed at the highest level.


  • U9 - U14 Football Academy Cairns

  • U11 - U14 Elite Football Cairns

  • Targeted skill & technique development

  • Mentoring for emerging talent

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • One on One Training

  • Premier Tournaments

Total Football Academy

Northern Beaches Cairns

4 Nautilus Street,

Trinity Beach QLD 4879

Contact Us

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Ph :0481 955 991

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